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HDR projects: make your photos pop!

HDR Projects is the most user-friendly HDR program on the market.

HDR projects platin image software empowers you to bring out the full art of your photos. Give your photos the full contrast range and detail they deserve, for brilliant, simply stunning images. HDR projects platin makes it easy!

HDR projects platin has a wide range of features for amateurs and professionals alike. 7 HDR algorithms guarantee impressive, bright, clear HDR images every time, with minimal effort. And 51 post-processing effects give you full creative freedom.

Perfect Ghost Correction

Create HDR photos with moving subjects, including people!

HDR projects instantly corrects the common ghosting problems you can get with multiple images. The software provides two options to achieve this: you can apply automatic ghost correction, or use the manual ghost correction, with a brush tool.

5 Tone-Mapping Methods for Creativity and Refinement

Each method is optimized for specific situations in an image.

  • Tone-Mapping Average: stable method, for pretty much any area

  • Tone-Mapping Surreal: intensive process, which provides an excellent foundation for extreme HDR images

  • Tone-Mapping Mean Exponent: stable method, which acts strongly in dark areas

  • Tone-Mapping Gradient: strong method, for areas of high contrast and weak intrinsic color

  • Tone-Mapping Sigmoid: optimized for scenes containing strong highlight areas

HDR-Drawing Mode

With HDR projects platin, you have complete artistic freedom to express your own style and genius.

HDR-Drawing Mode enables you to manually edit individual areas of your HDR images. Adjust the weights in your HDR image using our brush tool. For every point or region, you can individually select which photo from the exposure bracket contributes to the final HDR image.

Batch Processing is a Time-Saver

Batch processing sorts your images into brackets, so you don’t have to!

Save your work as a project file, so image processing can resume later.

A Simple, Straightforward Workflow

HDR projects platin provides a clear-cut, high performance workflow.

  • Customize the interface to suit your needs, with support for up to 6 monitors.

  • Switch between presets and expert mode to compare your results in an instant.

  • Preview your high resolution exposure brackets as they load.

  • Optimize use of your hardware, with 32-core multithreading and GPU acceleration.

Available on Mac and PC.